Ultimate Package

Experience the 450HP Jet Viper and drive the Honda Race boat and the Thunderbolt all in one day.

Your experience begins with a safety briefing and an introduction to the boat. You then get changed into the Saber Powersports racing team kit and safety gear.
Then it's onto the water, we have a short ride along the river until you hit Southampton Water where the Skipper will demonstrate the ultimate in thrill on the water including: donuts, crash stops, side slides and spins. Then its time to drive the Honda Race boat that feature a high performance Honda VTEC engine, comfortable suspension bucket seats and precise hydraulic steering to enable you to get the most out of this high performance craft. You will be encouraged to see how far you can push the boat around the corners and over the waves. Finally its onto the Thunderbolt that weighs 300kg so accelerates at an alarming rate and corners as if on rails.  The forward single seat driving position gives a fantastic visibility and feeling of being at one with the water.

- Total time with us up to 4 hours
- Time on water 3 hrs
- Other guests on board: 11 on Jet Boat, 3 on Race boat and 2 on Thunderbolt
- Season May-End September

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